Our Mission

Promoting HIV/AIDS awareness and access to resources for Black communities through culturally appropriate practices. Our vision is clear that " African Caribbean and Black communities will engage in dialogue in safe and open spaces to reduce the stigma and spread of HIV/AIDS.

Launched to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS in Black communities in Canada, the program has grown to impact Black communities globally. Created in response to calls of the community to provide a culturally appropriate response to HIV/AIDS awareness in the African, Caribbean and Black Communities and to address the issue of funding for various resources in the fight against the disease.

Stachen Frederick, founded BrAIDS for AIDS in 2008.

The first BrAIDS for AIDS campaign utilized Red, Black and White Beads. The colors have meaning. Red is a color associated with HIV/AIDS awareness. Black represents the African, Caribbean and Black Community that this program is intended to impact. White represents the allies that join us in this fight.

BrAIDS for AIDS has many initiatives including a supporting hair line, bracelets, beads and many programs. See News/Updates.

The BrAIDS for AIDS initiatives offers:

A culturally sensitive and appropriate response to HIV/AIDS as traditions rooted in African traditions of hair braiding is used in this campaign
Braids and beads that can act as a gift and a tool to begin small but meaningful conversations about HIV/AIDS
The opportunity to support HIV/AIDS awareness programs in African, Caribbean and Black communities
The opportunity to support education and sponsorship opportunities for youths, particularly young girl(s)


From the inception of BrAIDS for AIDS, funds have been channelled towards various HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention programs in the African Caribbean and Black Communities across Canada and internationally.

Various charities have been recipients of funds from BrAIDS for AIDS such as the Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black Cap) organization in Toronto to support their LGBTQ immigrant youth program; YMCA of Trinidad and Tobago to support a youth forum and, Somerset West Community Centre in Ottawa to provide resources specifically for the African Caribbean and Black Barbershops to promote HIV/AIDS prevention among men. BrAIDS for AIDS has supported organizations like Power to Girls Foundation and Miss AfroPolitan Pageant that focus on the development of young girls. Investing in the development of young women’s leadership and self esteem contributes to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Funds have also been used in supporting the delivery of BrAIDS for AIDS specific programs and trainings. For example, in 2008, a program was delivered to ten young women in Ottawa on braiding techniques and HIV/AIDS information. In 2013, a youth forum was sponsored by BrAIDS for AIDS to engage youth in discussions on creative strategies for HIV/AIDS prevention in Trinidad and Tobago. In 2014, BrAIDS for AIDS volunteers delivered full day trainings to over 100 Youth Outreach workers in Toronto on engaging youth in sexual health conversations. The BrAIDS for AIDS team is currently working on a unique program to engage youth involved in the criminal system in an HIV/AIDS program.